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Fabricated Fencing

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Tonkin Steel supplies a range of fabricated farm fencing products, which are an excellent all-purpose fence ideal for undulating ground and designed for fast installation.

Ringlock™ Fencing 

The unique Ringlock™ structure increases grid strength, and with its one piece vertical pickets, allows for greater post spacing and significantly reduces the need for droppers and salvage wires, resulting in a more economical fence installation.

Cyclone Ringlock™ Fencing is available in a variety of sizes to suit most applications, manufactured in a standard gal 2.5mm wire, as well as the Cyclone Strongline Ringlock™ in a 2.5mm Lifewire with a 2.8mm top and bottom wire for added strength.

The following example can be applied to all Ringlock™ sizes:

8/90/30 – This signifies eight horizontal wires with graduated spacing, 90cm total fence height and 30cm vertical picket spacings.

Zedlock® Fencing

Zedlock heavy galvanized is manufactured in 2.5mm wire and features a smooth knot design with no sharp edges to avoid injury to animals.

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