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DuraGal® Mezzanine Flooring System

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A user friendly system that can save you time in construction, reducing the disruption to your business.

  • On-site assembly without welding, only normal tools such as cut-off saws and Tek screw guns are required.
  • High tensile strength and light weight sections allowing for a wider spacing of the bearers and, with the larger span distances between columns, underfloor areas are still usable with large open areas for uses such as workshops, office accommodation and storage areas etc.
  • All connections are either screwed or nailed.
  • Effectively increases storage capabilities.
  • Long lasting and virtually maintenance free.
  • Minimum fabrication required.
  • Minimum welding.
  • Low cost.

DuraGal® Mezzanine Flooring System offers

  • A high strength, lightweight steel flooring system which can be used to increase the floor area of existing or new buildings.
  • The system can also allow for the height of the columns to be adjusted, therefore compensating for any variations in the slab, with adjustment being available before or after installation.
  • Columns, bearers and joists are all galvanised to be practically maintenance free.

DuraGal® Mezzanine Flooring System uses high strength C450L0 grade galvanised DuraGalPLUSTM ZB135/135. The sections are strong and lightweight making them easy and safe to handle on site. The DuraGal® Mezzanine Flooring System is designed using a range of speciality fittings to allow safe and easy construction.