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Laser Cutting

Service Description:
Tonkin Steel brings the latest technology in laser cutting to North Queensland. Our experienced Laser team can help you design the specifications of your project, or if you already have your own CAD files, we will cut to your specifications.
Our laser cutting machinery can cut any shape with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Steel available for laser cutting includes:

  • Mild steel plate up to 25mm
  • Aluminium sheet / plate up to 25mm
  • Wear plate up to 20mm
  • Stainless sheet / plate up to 25mm – 304 and 316 grade stainless steel available for purchase
  • Zinc / Galvabond sheet

Laser Tube and RHS cutting capabilities are available for:

  • Miters and coped cuts
  • Hole cut-outs
  • Locking tube connections
  • Cutting from 20mm to 400mm


Speak to our team about your laser cutting requirements.

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Plate Profile Cutting

We can provide a vast array of Plasma and Oxy cutting solutions to meet your steel plate requirements. Supply your designs in DXF, CAD or PDF files, or send us your sketches or drawings and we will digitalise them for you.  
We are able to cut plate from 3mm to 200mm thick and offer the following plate cutting solutions:

  • multi head oxy cutting of any shape
  • plasma cutting up to 32mm
  • plasma longitudinal splitting or trimming of beams, channel, angles and pipe to 9m long
  • drilling 10-30mm in plate up to 60mm thick

We have a wide range of plate available that can be cut to your specifications and delivered to your work site, including:

  • 250 Grade: 3mm-150mm
  • 35 Grade: 4mm-50mm
  • Wear plate: 4mm-40mm

Please refer to our Plate section for our full range of plate products.

Speak to our team about your plate cutting requirements.

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Saw Cutting

We know that every project is different, so we offer a cut to size service. No matter what length steel you require, we are able to cut your RHS, pipe, flat bar, angle, universal beams & universal columns to meet your requirements.  We are also able to cut rectangular products up to 1000mm and round products up to 500mm. Speak to our team about your steel cutting requirements.

Product Delivery Image

Product Delivery

We can deliver your steel order to your house, job site, workshop or any location in North Queensland. Our large fleet of delivery trucks, some with cranes onboard, can carry steel up to a maximum length of 20m. Speak to our team about your steel delivery requirements.

Beam Line

Drill Line

We have the capacity to drill universal beams, universal columns, welded beams, angles, flats, channels, RHS and plate with hole diameters from 10mm up to 36mm. We can drill steel sections up to 18m in length. Speak to our team about your steel drilling requirements.

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