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Reinforcing Accessories

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Tonkin Steel provides a range of reinforcing accessories to suit your building requirements.

Tonkin Steel provides a range of Plastic Mesh Chairs Clipfast in various heights from 20mm to 75mm. They are supplied in bags of 100 pieces from Danley.

Plastic bar chairs are used to set reinforcing bar and and mesh to the correct position within the concrete. Plastic bar chairs conform to AS/NZS 2425 – Bar chairs in reinforced concrete – product requirements and test methods. They are typical used in applications such as slab on ground, polystyrene pod slab and swimming pools.

Tie Wire is used as a steel fixing aid, suitable for tying bars and mesh. Tie Wire is available in galvanized and back finishes.

Danley Tape is used for sealing seams and penetrations along with wrap while the concrete is being placed.