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Stair Treads

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Stair treads are made to measure from mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, or FRP with options of non slip nosing. Suitable for either bolt-on or weld-on attachment.
Weldok® stair treads can be supplied in Series 30, 40 & 60 forgebar grating. Treads may be selected using the Recommended Width and Recommended Max. Length tables.

Non-standard treads can also be supplied on request. Please consult our sales department.

Stair tread types

  • Type T1 – Welded fixing, no nosing
  • Type T2- Mild steel bolted fixing
  • Type T3- Mild steel with floor plate nosing, welded fixing
  • Type T4- Bolted fixing, floor plate nosing
  • Type T5- Aluminium with abrasive nosing, welded fixing
  • Type T6- Bolted fixing, Holed End Plates, abrasive Nosing
  • FRP- FRP tread with abrasive nosing, bolted fixing

Ordering stair treads

  1. Select from the tread types shown (T1 to T6).
  2. Refer to Recommended Max. Lengths table in our product guide (page 79). Select a Load Bar Size and Series with a maximum length equal to or greater than the required tread length. For example, if the required tread length is 1100mm, the Series 40 grating with 32 x 5 load bars (A40-325) would be appropriate.
  3. From the Recommended Widths table, choose a width that corresponds to the tread type and Series selected. For example, based on the Series 40 grating and a T1 tread, the tread width would be either 125, 165, 205, 245, 285 or 325mm. Example would be: Tread Type T1 ~ 1100 x 285 from A40 – 325

For more information on Stair tread please refer to our Tonkin Steel Product Guide