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Walkway System Components

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Tonkin Steel have partnered with leading suppliers Webforge and Nepean Building & Infrastructure to supply walkway
systems as either fully prefabricated custom panels or as standard components. Grating, handrail and components are
available in mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, or corrosion/ chemical resistant fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP). Stanchion and handrail products are available in a range of mounting configurations to suit mounting for: platform, stairway, side mount, side offset, conveyor, cored, weld-on, or bolt-on style.

FRP Grating is composed of 65% resin and 35% continuous glass fibres, available in stock panels 3660 x 1220 with 6 mm load bar configurations in a range of depths and sizes in green or yellow and a grey “Mini-mesh”. The high resin content makes FRP resistant to a wide range of corrosive chemicals, gases and fumes. Other properties that make FRP a valuable choice in dangerous work areas are its fire retardant, non-sparking, and non-conductive properties. FRP is simple to cut and assemble on site with standard tools. Ancillary items recommended for site assembly are stainless steel mounting brackets, and sealing kits to seal cut edges.

Tonkin Steel offers a range of standard (stock) and custom made mild steel drainage and trench grates that comply with AS3996.

Grates are rated to:
Class A: Extra light duty – suit pedestrian/cyclists
Class B: Light duty – suit light vehicles/tractors, livestock
Class C: Medium duty – suit malls and pedestrian areas open to slow moving commercial vehicles
Class D: Heavy Duty – suit roads and areas open to commercial vehicles

Composite flooring comprises of floorplate welded to the top of grating (shown right), and is available in mild steel or aluminium. Another option is a composite comprised of grating with a light gauge mesh welded to the underside to prevent tools or small objects from falling through the grating.

Made from 5mm mild steel, walkway mesh is a strong, cost effective solution for high impact and load applications.
3000mm long panels are available in stock widths of 1200/900/750/600mm. 45mm SWM x 135mm LWM and 30mm
SWM x 75mm LWM configurations available.